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Mobile Voice And Video Calling On The Rise

By August 18, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

A report recently released by Juniper Research indicates that the use of services such as mVideo and mVoIP are set to increase greatly.


By 2016, the number of users accessing these facilities is set to cross 130 million. An increased use of this sector over the past wear and a half has already been noted following the launch of services such as front facing cameras on smartphones and other improvements on the technological side by major industry players.


The use of mVoIP has increased significantly in the market, especially in the developed countries because of the increased use of smartphones and easy to download apps.


As voice based services become more easily available in the market, it will be used more and more in services such as gaming and social networking according to the report.


Existing alliances between Facebook and mVoIP providers as well as the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft will further enhance this sector.


The report also forecasts that the increased access to 3G and 4G services will give a further boost to the development of voice based services.


Revenues for the voice based services are however likely to diminish over the next five years as many service providers will offer these services for free in order to get a hold of a larger market share.