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More Than A Social Network – Now A Golden Globe Winner

By January 18, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

Whenever the term, “Social Network” is used, one immediately thinks of one of the most popular Internet sites, Facebook. However, the popular site is also the basis of a now award-winning movie.

At the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards, which were held last Sunday night, the movie, “The Social Network” won 4 top awards.

The film was nominated in 6 different categories, of which it won four. These are, Best Picture, Best Director for David Fincher, Best Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin and Best Score for Trent Reznor. The movie was also nominated for the Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor (Drama) awards, where it failed to make it to the top spot.

The Social Network was based on an unauthorised book about the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. It was reported that Mark Zuckerberg had some differences of opinion with the movie regarding the way they had portrayed the formative years of Facebook. However, it cannot be denied that the unprecedented success of the movie has can only help Facebook to become even more popular.

Golden Globe Awards are decided by members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, an organisation composed of working journalists who cover the United States film industry for a variety of outlets, including newspapers and magazines in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Today, the 90 members of the HFPA represent at least 55 countries and have a combined readership of more than 250 million.

Now that The Social Network has won so many Golden Globe Awards, expectations have been raised that it will also do very well at the Oscars, the nominations for which are due to be announced on the 25th of January.

All this celebrity exposure will only help Facebook grow further worldwide, not unlike the way Twitter started growing really quickly once a few celebrities hopped on board and started tweeting.