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Rumours About Google Circles Social Network

By March 14, 2011July 30th, 20232 Comments

Over the past few years, Google has bought networks such as Orkut and launched platforms such as Google Buzz and Google Wave, in order to compete with successful social networks. Rumours are now circulating that Google might attempt to try its hand at social media again.

None of Google’s platforms have been particularly successful, or gained much popularity. Service like Google Wave have even been shut down.

Rumours that Google is gearing up to launch its own social network have kicked off once again. Last weekend, this story gained more credence, thanks to an article published by The Next Web.

The story indicated that Google would launch their social network, called ‘Google Circles’, in the month of May. It is believed that the network will offer facilities such as photo and video sharing and status updates.

The rumours ,which first began last summer, had suggested that the social network would be called Google Me. However, Read Write Web found out that the social network would supposedly be called Google Circles.

Google has so far denied that they are launching a social network by any name in the near future.

Chris Messina of Google, who is supposed to be one of the main developers of this new product, has told All Things Digital that he does not know what the story was talking about.

Tim O’Reilly, who is an expert on technological developments has further added to the confusion. He first tweeted that he had seen the Google Circles product, and that it was awesome. Later, however, he deleted the tweet and said that he had been misled by the article in the Read Write Web.

Only time might tell whether or not the rumours are true. Even if they are currently developing a product, it might never come out of the GooglePlex if limited tests show that the product is not likely to succeed.