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SMEs That Blog Get 55 Percent More Traffic

By August 20, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

A study conducted by Hubspot reveals that businesses that use blogs benefit substantially from doing so.

Hubspot conducted the survey across 1,531 of their customers, most of them being small or medium sized business. Of these 1,531 companies 795 of them used blogs, while the remaining 736 did not do so. The results showed that the companies that used blogs definitely had better search marketing results than those that did not.

While the companies that used blogs received 55% more visitors or traffic to there sites, they also received 97% more inbound links and an astounding 434% more indexed pages.

In most cases, the more visitors a business receives, the more sales they are eventually likely to make.

Link building, which is usually considered to be the most difficult part of search engine optimisation, is also made much easier through the use of blogs. The fact that 97% more links can be obtained through the use of blogs is significant enough to justify blogging for any business.

It is also very important to have as many indexed pages as possible, as that will increase the chances of a site being ranked higher, and thus appear on the first page of Google’s search results. This means that in all, maintaining a blog makes the likelihood of clients finding a business through search much higher.