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Snapshots Of RSS-enabled Sites

By June 20, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments have introduced two new website snapshot facilities, called ProfileShot and RSS Shot. These two new features add to’s already popular Snap Shot services, which include the website PreviewShot service that allows users to preview a site’s content by merely placing the mouse over a snapshot link.

The RSS Shot product allows users to get a quick preview of another website that uses RSS feeds, without having to leave the site they are currently browsing through. This is a great user-friendly tool that will enable visitors to decide whether or not to click on a link to another site without having to leave the current site and then press the back button if they dont find what they expected.

RSS Shot preview

ProfileShot, the other new service is targeted at social networking sites such as MySpace as it allows users to preview a person’s profile without having to actually click on the link to the profile.

ProfileShot preview

An increasing number of popular websites already use the PreviewShot service. The two new services should be well received and could potentially influence the way visitors browse websites. First impressions will definitely become more important as users start deciding whether or not to click on a link based on a small snapshot of that link on another website.