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Social Bookmarking Giants

By May 22, 2007July 30th, 20235 Comments

Chris Winfield at 10e20 recently published an article about the leading social bookmarking sites, based on traffic and usage data from and Quantcast.

Digg tops the list. The other social bookmarking sites such as Technorati, and StumbleUpon are also eminent in the rankings. The only surprise is the presence of Netscape in the top 5. Despite an Alexa rank of 544, the former browser / Internet portal has now creeped into a position of prominence as the 2nd largest social bookmarking site.

The Top 10 social bookmarking sites as per 10e20’s article are as follows:

  1. Digg
  2. Netscape
  3. Technorati
  5. StumbleUpon
  6. reddit
  7. Slashdot
  8. BlinkList
  9. FARK
  10. Clipmarks

For those who are wondering why YouTube and MySpace are missing from this list, it is because they are social media sites but do not offer social bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites allow users to store, classify and share Internet bookmarks, similar to the way they would bookmark a site on a browser (or add it to favourites).

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