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Vatican Google Bombed

By July 23, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

It has been reported that over the last weekend, the Vatican had been Google Bombed.

Users who wished to conduct searches for the search term ‘Holy See’ were directed to a site with the domain name ‘’ much to their consternation.

The term ‘pedofilo’ is Italian for Paedophile, as seems to be quite obvious. However reports from Italy have claimed that the actual IP address of the site is not in Italy as may be expected but in Mexico. It is also believed that the site is actually a religious site contrary to expectations.

This action of Google Bombing has taken place soon after news reports alleging several incidents of child abuse by certain people who work for the Church were made public. The Vatican has also prescribed a new set of rules with which these offenders will be taken to task.

The Google Bombing incident was first noticed by at the Vatican itself and they contacted Google about it.

A spokesperson for Google Italy however said, “I cannot confirm if it is an attack because I have not had any more precise information from the US engineers to understand the nature of the problem.”

It would be quite embarrassing for Google to have to admit to this being a case of Google Bombing as they had claimed to have solved that particular problem, quite a while ago.