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Worldwide Mobile Advertising Metrics Released By AdMob

By November 8, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

AdMob, one of the most popular mobile advertising platforms have released data about mobile advertising and network metrics based on approximately 1.5 billion ad impressions served during the month of September 2007.

Ad Serving By Region

Indian mobile users were served the second largest total of impressions on AdMob’s network, after the USA. This surprising statistic could be due to a higher level of market penetration achieved in the sub-continent compared to other places such as Japan, the UK, France and Spain. North America and Asia were also the most popular regions as seen in the chart below:

Source: AdMob Network Metrics

AdMob served 85 million ad impressions in the UK, making it their fourth largest market, after the United States, India and South Africa. While these numbers are obviously skewed due to AdMob’s own market limitations, they are by no means insignificant and demonstrate the size of many non-European mobile Internet markets.

Popular Handset Manufacturers

The report also provides data on the top mobile handsets based on percentage of ad impressions served by AdMob, as seen in the chart below.

Source: AdMob Network Metrics

The most interesting statistic that can be found from these numbers is the worldwide increase in popularity of Smartphones. Three of the top five devices used in the USA are smartphones. 74.6 percent of mobile phones on AdMob’s worldwide network were found to support polyphonic ringtones, 81 percent support WAP push messages and 59.2 percent were able to download video clips.

In the UK, the most impressions were delivered to Nokia (32.6% impressions), Samsung (27.9% impressions) and Motorola (20.7% impressions) handsets. The Motorola V360 (12.1%), Samsung E250 (6.5%) and Nokia N70 (4.0%) were the most popular handsets.