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Yahoo! Keyword Selector Tool Phasing Out

By May 10, 2007July 30th, 2023One Comment

Marketing Pilgrim has reported that Yahoo! recently emailed him saying that the keyword selector tool will no longer be supported. They will update it one last time with data from Jan 2007. Thereafter, the only reliable source of keyword search volumes will be the forecasting tool in Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

An extract of the letter sent to marketing pilgrim reads:

For the time being, Yahoo! plans to adjust the tool to show information from January 2007, but it’s also recommend that advertisers use the more robust forecasting capabilities in the new Sponsored Search to gain insight into expected performance. The forecasting service available now within Panama and through our APIs is a great alternative to Keyword Selector Tool in terms of providing keyword data points for performance and cost. Our forecasting service APIs provide a number of opportunities. They provide a forecast for an ad group, set of keywords, and a single keyword. The following forecast metrics are provided:

  1. Average Position – The average position of the ad
  2. Clicks – The estimated number of clicks
  3. Average CPC – The average cost per click
  4. Impressions – The estimated number of impressions
  5. Max Bid – The maximum bid for the current forecast
  6. Missed Clicks – The estimated number of missed clicks