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Twitter Once Again Delivers Breaking News First

Twitter has been slowly and surely making its way to becoming a personal news wire of sorts.

Time and again the site has been the first to report some world event or breaking news. The latest example of this quick reporting is the earthquake which occurred around Los Angeles on Tuesday morning. Read more →

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BBC’s Mobile TV Trial Not A Success

The BBC’s trial run broadcasting TV channels on mobile phones, has not been very successful according to some reports. The number of viewers tuning in to watch TV programs on their mobile handsets is not very encouraging. Read more →

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Google – Digg Deal Called Off

Only a few days ago, Google was deep in discussions with Digg, regarding a possible acquisition of the site. It is believed that the term sheet stage had already been cleared. However, sometime last week, Google decided not to go ahead with the deal, and Digg was notified accordingly. Read more →

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Google To Spread Knowledge Through Knols

Google launched project Knol last week. A Knol, according to Google, is a unit of knowledge. Knols are articles on any given subject, written by someone who is an expert on that subject. Google Knol is destined to be compared with and perhaps compete against Wikipedia. Read more →

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Live Search Comes To Facebook

Microsoft and Facebook have reportedly come to an agreement and signed a deal that will bring Microsoft’s Live Search and Advertising operations to Facebook. Read more →

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Will Google Search Look Like Digg Once Users Vote On SERPs?

Google has been bucket testing a new interface on some randomly selected users. Recently a screen shot of the new interface along with a video showing the new search features was screened. This interface has a very Digg-like look and feel. Read more →

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Google Is U.K.’s Most Popular Brand

The Superbrands Council, which is a consortium of experts in various fields such as marketing, advertising and media carried out a survey to judge which are the most popular brands in the U.K. They compiled a list of over 1,000 well known brands in the market, and then conducted a survey across 2,200 consumers, to rate these brands. Read more →

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Social Network Stats For June 2008

Nielsen online has released the latest rankings of social networks for the month of June 2008. Two social networks have out-shone the rest. Read more →

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Microsoft Resumes Talks With AOL

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Microsoft and AOL have resumed discussions with each other, to try and come to a mutually beneficial agreement on a search-related deal. Read more →

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AdWords Combines Keyword And Placement Targeting

Google announced changes to their AdWords platform yesterday. A new advanced content network option has been added to all advertiser accounts that allows advertisers to target both keywords and site placements within the same campaign and ad group. Read more →

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Mobile Web Grows In Popularity

A report released by analysts, Nielsen Mobile, has revealed that the use of the mobile phone to access the Internet has taken a large leap in the last two years. Read more →

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YouTube Gets Geographical Search

YouTube the world’s most popular video sharing site, will soon offer its viewers the ability to locate the local videos that they are interested in via a geographical search function. Read more →

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Google Keyword Estimator Shows Real Search Volumes

Last week the Google AdWords keyword tool started showing approximate search volumes. AdWords advertisers and everyone else in the world can now see the approximate number of search queries carried out on Google for any keyword. Read more →

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Facebook To Be Redesigned

Last year, social network Facebook opened itself up to third party applications developers. Due to this move, they have been facing a problem – the user profile page, which used to be neat and clean is now very cluttered, and looks similar to that of their competitor, MySpace. Read more →

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Google Improves Indexing And Crawling Of Flash Files

For some time now, Google has been working to improve the indexing of Flash files. They have now released some information about the new algorithm they have developed by integrating Adobe’s Flash Player Technology for this purpose. Read more →

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Iran To Execute Bloggers

The official news agency of Iran carried a report a while ago stating that the parliament is likely to toughen some of the laws, already in existence and make anti-establishment blogging an offence punishable by death. Read more →

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Google Media Server Now Connects With TV

Google recently announced the availability of a new gadget called the ‘Google Media Server’ or ‘Google Media Player’. The device will enable customers to watch content stored in the computer memory on their television set. Read more →

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Broadband To Be Available On Flights

American Airlines has made an arrangement with Aircell, to start providing broadband services during flights. Read more →

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YouTube Continues To Lead Online Video Market

A survey run by traffic analysts, Hitwise, reveals that YouTube not only continues to lead the online video market, but has actually increased its market share, from 59.95% last May to 75.43% in May 2008. That is about 26% better than their performance last year. Read more →

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Google Sued For Trade Secret Theft

A small company called LimitNone, dealing in the development of software products, has filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging theft of trade secrets. Read more →

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