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If you want increased brand recognition, sales growth, improved customer loyalty and more traffic to your site, then you need effective and professional social media marketing. It’s not something to be tagged onto your marketing as an afterthought. You need experts on your side, making sure your campaigns, products and services are being noticed. AccuraCast are world leaders in the use of innovative social media marketing, creating dynamic and successful campaigns for the likes of the NHS, LG and the Republic of Korea.

A complete range of social media services

Facebook Marketing
Advertising & organic marketing for pages and apps.
Twitter Marketing
Drive engagement, leads, traffic and build a following.
Social Network Marketing
On all the leading social networks.
Blog Marketing
Grow traffic and strengthen your brand.

Why we’re leaders in social media marketing

Innovative – we break new ground and create entirely new approaches to social media marketing. Innovation is essential in these fast-moving and dynamic environments.

Experienced – we’re highly experienced in promoting brands on all the major social media platforms.

Complete services – from creating a social media presence to promoting your sites and managing entire campaigns.

Proven results – we run successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest organisations, generating millions of views, hits and Likes.

Expertise – we know what works, what doesn’t, what’s new and what has been done before.

Knowledgeable – we know all the major social media networks and how to get the maximum traffic and engagement from them.

Professional – creating a social media presence requires a careful balance: we need to deliver compelling content, it needs to be fun, but we’re always mindful of protecting our clients’ brands and remaining professional.

Training – we can empower your people to use social media with professionalism and insight.

Outstanding support – call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.

Highlights – some of our client social media success stories

Customers LGFor electronics giant LG, we helped turn a marketing video promoting a new range of ultra-thin Super LED monitors into a viral hit in Europe, North and South America, serving over 1 million views in just a couple of months.

Clients KoreaThe Republic of Korea hired AccuraCast to promote the country as a tourist destination through social media marketing in Germany, France and Spain.

Customers NHSA social media campaign for the NHS targeting youngsters, to teach them about stroke received over two million impressions and the Facebook page more than 3,000 Likes.

jt-hughes-logoInnovative social media marketing formed a cornerstone of the launch strategy for JT Hughes‘ Hyundai dealership, leading to an extremely successful launch and increase in footfall at the dealer locations.

Understanding social media marketing

Social media marketing is not about direct selling. It is about building brand awareness and loyalty, which will eventually lead to sales. People don’t go onto Facebook looking to buy, they are there to socialise. Our promotional strategies on this medium take account of the subtleties required, and are vastly different from search. We help our clients grow their brand presence, facilitate social sharing and open channels of communication with customers.

Who needs social media marketing?

Virtually every business can benefit from social media marketing. You should certainly be involved if…

  • People should be talking about your products and services
  • You have new products or services to promote
  • Your brand needs a refresh or modernisation
  • You have a powerful story to tell
  • Your brand is under attack or being criticised on the Internet
  • Teenagers, young adults, middle aged professionals or silver surfers are your target market

Our social media services

  • Consultation and analysis of your existing social media assets
  • Planning a social strategy – to build followers and engage them
  • Creation of your social media presence, profiles and pages
  • Social campaign management and content promotion
  • Influencer outreach
  • Brand monitoring – to alert you to discussion relevant to your brand
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Social media training
  • Social analytics – performance tracking and reporting

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Find out how our social media services could help you reach out to new audiences and build a stronger brand.

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