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We worked with WTW to boost lead generation during the insurance renewal period

In a constantly evolving business landscape, insurance renewals stand as pivotal moments for companies to reassess their coverage and ensure continued protection. Understanding the significance of this process, our client sought to address that need and deliver relevant information to decision-makers around that time period.

With this challenge in mind, WTW briefed us to develop and implement the best strategy to achieve these goals.

Reaching the right audience at the right time

With a keen focus on timing, the campaign was strategically launched in November, aligning with the impending renewal season typically observed around January.

One of the primary challenges was effectively reaching French decision-makers who were in need of renewing their insurance contracts. To address this, AccuraCast supported WTW in implementing precise segmentation and targeted optimization on LinkedIn, including specific company sizes, job titles, and custom variables.

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Choosing the optimal ad formats

For this project, WTW built several informative documents containing stats, insights, and best practices that would be of interest to the target audience, in particular HR professionals for companies headquartered in France. The challenge was now finding the best way to distribute these assets and identify the ad format that could generate the most leads at the lowest cost.

We tested different formats, including carousels, image ads, and document-based lead generation. Document ads turned out to be the most effective, consistently delivering excellent results. Once the format was identified, we conducted multiple A/B testing with different ad copies and scaled-up the campaign with the best performing one.

Native Document lead gen ads

Tested creative formats & messages

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overall lead form completion rate


engagement rate

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lower cost per lead vs industry average

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