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Quarterly PPC Highlights
33.6 Increase in CTR
19 AdWords certifications
6 Google PPC specialisations
7.25 Higher CTR than competitors
14.29 More traffic from Gmail
1.59 Points rise in impression share
12 Years of experience
9.95 Increase in Conversions

Properly managed pay per click advertising can deliver outstanding benefits to virtually any organisation, reducing cost per acquisition and delivering improved return on investment. At AccuraCast, we have a proven track record of outstanding success for our clients, from dynamic campaigns for Stella Artois, Waitrose and Roxio to delivering PPC training for the marketing team at FTSE 250 company, Informa.

Comprehensive PPC services

Why we’re leaders in pay per click

Experience – we have devised extensive PPC campaigns for organisations of all sizes, from multi-national corporations to SMEs, and from charities to entrepreneurial start-ups.

Innovative – as a Google Partner Elevator agency, we’re granted exclusive access to the latest tools and thinking to ensure our clients achieve outstanding results.

Low cost per click – we combine bid strategies with creative copy writing and design to deliver CPCs that are often below 10p.

Proven track record – with PPC, we can demonstrate our ability with proven success stories, backed by solid facts and figures.

Comprehensive services – everything from keyword research and PPC campaign management through to creation of landing pages.

Outstanding support – call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them

More sales at a lower cost

Your sales can be increased and your cost per click lowered through effective ad campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Our service helps you to maximise your return on investment in online advertising by ensuring budgets are wisely invested and conversion rates are tracked and reported accurately.

Ensuring your site is built to convert leads from AdWords into sales also reduces your cost per click.

By taking an holistic approach, blending plain text ads with product advertising, mobile and local ads, videos, banners, HTML5, multilingual, and pay-per-call features, we mould the campaign to match your specific requirements.

Your campaign will also benefit from our leading-edge knowledge of the latest techniques and features – tested thoroughly by our expert team to ensure they deliver the right results.

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