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Working Moms Work The Mobile

It would be reasonable for most people to assume that the demographic of people who use the mobile phone the most, would be the typical high profile executive, or the youngsters in school and college who like to chat with and SMS their friends constantly. But, surprisingly, according to a survey by Scarborough Research this is very far from the actual facts. Read more →

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Vodaphone And Orange U.K. Get iPhone

When the iPhone was first launched in the U.K. in 2007, its manufacturer Apple, made a deal with service provider O2 through which, O2 had exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the U.K. Obviously this monopoly proved very good for business, but the deal which was for a period of two years has now ended. Read more →

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Nielsen Brings Market Intelligence To Facebook

Facebook and Nielsen are teaming up to provide a new service to marketers on the popular social networking site. Nielsen will make use of their vast marketing experience to help marketers reach all Facebook users more effectively. Read more →

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Google Sidewiki Brings User Comments To All Sites

Google has just introduced a new feature to enable all their users to add their own comments or experiences to every website which they visit. Read more →

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Google Shares Mobile Search Volumes For The First Time

Google’s new keyword tool, currently in beta has a lot of good new features – integration with other tools, filtering options and categorisation – but the best feature is almost un-noticeable: The ability to see stats for mobile searches. Read more →

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AOL Shutting Down Mobile Ad Networks

If the latest buzz in the mobile industry is to be believed, AOL seems to be getting ready to shut down their mobile advertising network. Read more →

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Facebook Ads Out Perform Google

While it is true that in general that the effect of online ads on social networks is not quite as strong as the effect of online ads on search sites, it has been found that ads on Facebook have definitely begun to show very good results, even surpassing the performance of ads on search giant, Google. Read more →

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Mobile Websites Fail To Impress

A study of 27 prominent mobile websites, conducted by the Yankee Group has shown that most of these sites deliver results that are far from satisfactory. In fact, it was found that on a scale of 1 – 100, the average score achieved was just 52. Read more →

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Video Ads In Paper Magazines

The latest innovation to hit the marketing industry is the introduction of video ads in traditional paper magazines.

Believe it or not, this is already happening! Read more →

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Google Launches New DoubleClick Ad Exchange

While plain text ads are very popular on the Google Content Network and form a very important part of the AdWords online advertising platform, display ads still lag far behind in popularity. Google’s new Ad Exchange hopes to change this. Read more →

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Is Search Traffic Not Always The Best?

According to a report released recently by HubSpot, search is no longer necessarily the best source of traffic for online marketers. Read more →

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Google Killing Directory Assistance Services

For the last several months now, Google has been displaying a 10-pack of local business listings along with regular search results for most queries that include a location element in them.  This has definitely affected the amount of traffic reaching local directories negatively. Read more →

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Mixx + Twitter = TweetMixx + Self-spam?

With Twitter growing larger by leaps and bounds everyday, it is getting increasingly difficult for users to decide whom to follow and which tweets they would find interesting and relevant. To help users, Mixx has now stepped in to simplify matters. Read more →

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Facebook Copying Twitter @Mentions

It looks as though, Facebook will do all that is required to slow down the growth of Twitter and to retain their own popularity. Read more →

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Advertising Within Phonecalls Highly Effective

Results of a study recently conducted by campaign measurement firm, Dynamic Logic, regarding the effectiveness of in-call advertising have just been released and are looking very positive for the new ad medium. Read more →

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Ad Impressions On Social Sites Grow

comScore has revealed that display ads on social networks accounted for more than 20% of the total number of online ad impressions in the USA during the month of June 2009 . Read more →

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YouTube Explores Movie Rental Market

BusinessWeek has reported that Google’s popular video sharing site, YouTube, is in talks with various Hollywood Studios to rent out movies to their users. Read more →

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Facebook Mobile To Reach 100 Million Users By 2010

Facebook Mobile is growing very rapidly in popularity. Recently released numbers indicate that the service is now used by more than three times as many people as the number that used it eight months ago. Read more →

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Digg Adds Nofollow To All Stories That Aren’t Popular

Digg recently added the rel=”nofollow” attribute to some links on their site, whose quality and veracity they are not sure of. This move comes hot on the heels of Twitter, who did the same for all their links last week. Read more →

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Research Confirms Online Advertising Drives Offline Sales

Online advertising is no longer meant only for online marketers. More and more studies are showing that online advertising can be beneficial for offline sales as well. Read more →

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