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Google Offers App To Combat Groupon

Google Offers is now available as a mobile app for Android phones. The Google Mobile Blog describes this app as an app that will “allow users to discover, buy and redeem their favourite deals on the go.” Read more →

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Google Shows Ads At The Bottom Of SERPs

Google has announced, just this week, that they will now display ads at the bottom of the search engine results page. Read more →

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Mobile Search Ad Spend Increases

Marketers are now spending more on advertising in the mobile search sector than in the past. A lot of this growth is driven by the growth in surfing via tablet devices. Read more →

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Android Users Most Educated, iPhone Users Least Into Music

The latest State of The Mobile Web report from Opera focuses on the habits of users of different mobile operating systems. The study finds that users of different operating systems have different mobile browsing habits. Read more →

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Facebook Pushing Messenger‏ On Android

Facebook launched a stand-alone messenger app for smartphones a few months ago. Users of iPhone and Android devices can use this app to message not only their Facebook friends but also any of their mobile contacts. Facebook is now actively pushing this app to users. Read more →

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StumbleUpon Expands Advertiser Reach

Advertisers who use the Paid Discovery services from StumbleUpon will now have a better service available to them with increased ad serving options. Read more →

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Halloween Drives Online Costume Searches In UK

Every year, around September, searches for ‘costumes’ and related keywords start spiking, not just in the USA but also in England and the rest of the UK. This is, of course, due to Halloween, which is celebrated more and more popularly in the UK on the 31st of October. Read more →

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Google Android Apps Blocked In China

First they blocked Google search, driving the world’s most popular search engine out of the country, now the Chinese authorities seem to have set their sights on Google Android. Read more →

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LinkedIn Copies Facebook Page Updates

LinkedIn, the popular social networking site for professionals, allows users to follow the progress and developments of companies they are interested in. A new feature has now been introduced that allows companies to post status updates to their followers. Read more →

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800 Million Targeted By New Facebook Ad Format

Facebook now has over 800 million users, which is more than the entire online population of Europe and North America. Just like everyone else, Facebook is looking for new ways to make more money. Advertising is the most obvious way for a free service to earn revenues, and they’re creating new ad formats to drive up revenues in the near future. Read more →

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Chromebook Earns Retail Space In London

Google opened their first ever “store” this weekend. To everyone’s surprise, it is based not in New York or California, but in London, UK. Read more →

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Tablet Sales To Increase 5x

A study conducted recently by Juniper Research has found that the sales of tablet devices is set to go up by leaps and bounds. Read more →

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Facebook Timeline’s Potential To Embarrass Users

Facebook announced a number of new features at the f8 conference last week. While most of them are very good and improve the overall experience, users need to be very careful with the new auto-share feature. Read more →

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The New Delicious: Tastier Or Just Bland?

Once popular social bookmarking website, Delicious, was shut down a while ago after Yahoo! sold it to Avos Systems, a company created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. The site is now back, with a new, revamped look. Read more →

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When Is iPad Time?

Research recently carried out by Google has found that different computing devices are commonly used at varying times of the day. Read more →

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Microsoft Re-Launches Bing Deals

Microsoft launched Bing Deals back in April of this year. They’ve now re-launched the service in an attempt to once again try and break into the daily deals market. Read more →

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Bing Introduces Action Buttons

When Microsoft first introduced Bing as their new search engine, they had said that Bing was more than just a search engine. According to them it was a “decision engine”. They have now gone a step further to make this statement a reality by introducing ‘Action Buttons’. Read more →

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Facebook Evolves Profiles Into Timeline

Facebook, it seems, is determined to maintain its position as the number one social network. Keeping this in mind, they are set to make some drastic changes to their format soon. Read more →

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Into The Mind Of The Asian Man

Microsoft recently conducted a study in conjunction with MEC to study the behaviour of the pre-family man in the Asia-Pacific region, in order to ascertain how they respond to different digital devices. Read more →

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Google Wallet Spreads Across America

Google Wallet, an app that allows consumers to use their mobile phone as a wallet, is now ready to roll out across a number of major payment providers and one major network in North America. Read more →

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