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Facebook Going Public‏ – Top Secret?

While it has been discussed for a long time that Facebook will go public, it now looks as though that is finally about to happen. Read more →

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Google’s New Privacy Policy – What’s Wrong With It?

Google announced this week that they will be discarding 60 of their privacy policies and replacing them with one common privacy policy, covering multiple products and features of Google. While this might seem a good move for users, it’s not quite as innocent a move as it may seem. Read more →

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Online Search Ads Drive 6x Retail Sales

A recent study has found that online search ads drive not only online sales but offline sales as well. Read more →

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Consumers Willing To Pay For Streaming Inspite Of Piracy

It has come to light that a large percentage of consumers in the U.K. are now willing to pay for the facility of streaming movies online, but at the same time, online piracy continues unabated in most parts of the world. Read more →

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UK Search Spend Up 19%

Search spend in has increased year-on-year by 14% in the USA and 19% in the UK, according to a new report on the state of digital marketing. Read more →

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Social Networks Do Not Influence Shoppers

While social networks are growing increasingly popular, quite surprisingly, they have not yet started to influence shoppers in a major way. Read more →

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Microsoft And Yahoo! Search Alliance Creeps Forward In UK

The Microsoft – Yahoo! search alliance has been functional in the U.S. for some time, and they now intend to expand ad testing to Europe as well. Read more →

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Mobile Gaming To Generate $18 Billion

A newly released report by Juniper Research predicts that revenue generated by mobile games is set to grow substantially in the next five years. Read more →

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Social Networking Most Popular Online Activity

A recent report from comScore highlights the fact that social networking is today the most popular activity, worldwide on the Internet.  Read more →

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TV Still Dominates U.S. Consumer Media Usage

A report produced by Nielsen Wire, on the usage of different forms of electronic media, has found that almost one-third of homes in the U.S. own four or more television sets. The report also claims that TV continues to be the most popular form of electronic media across the country in spite of the rapid growth of online media consumption. Read more →

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Will The New CEO Change Yahoo!’s Fortunes

Yahoo! has been going through a rather rough patch for a long time now, and in an effort to turn around their fortunes the company has changed CEOs repeatedly. Read more →

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Google+ Still Showing Huge Growth

Google’s social network, Google+, which launched publicly only last July has surprised everyone by continuing to sustain its growth spurt. Read more →

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Facebook Launches Always-On Messenger Client‏

Facebook has just started testing a new app called Facebook Messenger for Windows. By using this app, PC users can access Facebook direct from their desktop without going to Read more →

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