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Bing Mobile Enhances Local Search

Mobile search and local search are both gaining in importance. The convergence  of the two is expected by many to be the ultimate use of mobile search. Bing mobile is working hard to ensure that they don’t miss out when that happens. Read more →

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Earnings Reports Reveal Rebound In U.S. Advertising

Reports of the quarterly earnings of various companies during the second quarter of 2010 have recently been published. These reports indicate an overall recovery in ad-generated revenue in most of the Internet, media and advertising companies. Read more →

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Yahoo! Testing Bing Integration

Yahoo! and Microsoft had struck a deal for a search and advertising partnership last July. The integration of the two search engines has finally started last month. Read more →

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Bing For Business Launches In U.K.

Bing is finally trying to catch up with Google Maps and the Google Local Business Centre by making it slightly easier for businesses in the U.K. to secure placement on Bing Maps. Read more →

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Bing Socialises Shopping Search

After having made it possible for users to share their opinions on search results relating to news and entertainment, Bing is now encouraging users to make the online shopping process more social. Read more →

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Facebook Community Pages Live

Facebook Community Pages are now live and the new service already has over 6.5 million pages at the time of launch.

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Twitter Claims More Searches Than Bing, Yahoo!

Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter, said at the Chirp conference recently that Twitter users carry out about 600 million searches per day. Twitter’s director of search Doug Cook added that the number of queries reaches the 750 million mark on certain days and he expects it to cross 1 billion fairly soon. Read more →

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Microsoft Bing Censors Gay Searches In Middle East

The OpenNet Initiative has found that Microsoft Bing censors searches related to gay and lesbian topics in a number of Middle Eastern countries. Read more →

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Introducing The Yahoo! And Microsoft Search Alliance

Yahoo! and Microsoft, who have been in talks regarding a search alliance for some time now, have recently received regulatory clearance for the same. Read more →

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Facebook & Bing Update Relationship

Microsoft and Facebook have worked together for a while now, and they have now decided to expand the scope of their working relationship. Read more →

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Facebook & Bing Update Relationship

Microsoft and Facebook have worked together for a while now, and they have now decided to expand the scope of their working relationship. Read more →

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Will Apple Put Bing On iPhone?

With the recent release of Google’s smartphone, the Nexus One, their relationship with Apple seems to be changing. The competition that the Nexus One provides to the iPhone is causing some friction between the two companies.As a result, Apple might sever ties with Google and find a new provider for search on the iPhone. Read more →

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Bing Announces New Partnernship With Facebook

Just about 24 hours after announcing their search partnership deal with Twitter, Bing has gone ahead and finalised a similar deal with Facebook, according to reports from the Telegraph. Read more →

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Bing First To Search Live Twitter Streams

At the recently held Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Qi Lu, the President of Microsoft’s Online Services Group, spoke to Tim Reilly of TechCrunch, about the new facilities soon to be launched on their new search engine Bing. Read more →

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Bing Launches Social Sharing In Beta

Microsoft now recognises the value of the social Web and is trying various means to get people to search on Bing. Rather than trying to displace Google as the go-to search engine they are prompting users to search and then share the information as well as the search query with their friends. Read more →

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100 Billion Searches A Month And Still None The Wiser

A study of the global search market undertaken by comScore recently found that over 113 billion searches were carried out online in July 2009. Read more →

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Microsoft-Yahoo! Finally Strike A Deal

Microsoft and Yahoo! have been in talks with each other for a possible partnership for ages now, but they have finally reached a mutually acceptable agreement. Read more →

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Bing Drives SEM Expenditure On Microsoft adCenter

Early indicators show that Microsoft’s new decision engine ‘Bing’ is indeed helping Microsoft to establish a better position in the Search Engine Market. Read more →

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Microsoft Trumps Google Again With BingTweets

Microsoft is really sticking to the promise they made of providing further innovations to their new decision engine, Bing. Following closely on the heels of the integration of Bing into Hotmail, they have now presented another novel service called BingTweets. Read more →

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Hotmail Integrates Bing With Quick Add

When Bing was launched, Microsoft had stated that further developments were in progress, and users could expect new features in due course. True to their word, they have added a new feature recently. Read more →

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