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Yahoo! – Bing Search Alliance Closes In On Google

By April 4, 2012July 30th, 2023No Comments

The Yahoo! Bing search alliance which has been trying to catch up with the Google search engine has shown a substantial growth in the first quarter of 2012.

IgnitionOne, a leading digital marketing solutions firm has just released these figures.

According to these results the Yahoo! Bing alliance has shown an increase of 46.4% increase in US search advertising spend in the first quarter of the year. This growth is more than double the growth that had been seen by both Yahoo! and Bing during the first quarters of 2010 as well as of 2011.

In comparison Google has shown a growth of only 26.6% growth YoY.

It is an established fact that search spend during the first quarter of a year sees a dip after the spike during the holiday season. In spite of this Yahoo! Bing managed a growth of 14.3% increase in spend while Google posted a drop of 5.4% during the same period.

This growth seen by the Yahoo! Bing combine is the best since they started their alliance and could well be attributed to their recent push for increased utilization of broad match keywords. This system of utilization leads to increased competition between marketers, which is of course good for the search engine.

The U.K. markets are following a similar trend, with the Yahoo! Bing alliance posting a growth of 6% during the period.

In the U.S. the Yahoo! Bing alliance has a share of 21.2%, while in the U.K. it holds only 4% of the market share.

During the same period, mobile search activity has also seen a growth, resulting in 12.3% of total search advertising spend, during the first three months of the year.

Tablet devices accounted for 67.4% of total mobile search advertising budgets for the quarter, thus proving that tablets are being adopted at a phenomenal rate.