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adCenter Rolls Out Microsoft Content Ads Pilot

By March 9, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Microsoft adCenter started roll out of their content advertising pilot on the 8th of March. The pilot is currently only available to US advertisers who wish to display their text ads on Microsoft properties such as MSN’s Health & Fitness, Tech & Gadgets, Travel, and Money.

Advertisers will have the choice to display ads on both Live Search and the Content Netowrk, or just one of them. This is better than Google, where advertisers cannot normally opt out of advertising on Google Search results without using split-level bidding practices.

New features from adCenter beta will also be made available to advertisers who decide to upgrade and include the content network in their campaign. These will include the ability to import other online advertising campaigns, make bulk updates to keywords, perform full text search, and save favourites.