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Google Shopping Ads Management

Showcase your products, generate more online and in-store sales, and increase return on ad spend. Our Google Shopping ad services are designed to drive better returns for e-commerce and retail businesses.

Why you need Google Shopping

If you’re a retailer, Google Shopping campaigns empower you to promote online and local inventory, boost website or local shop traffic, and show potential customers what you’re selling.

Comparison shopping service

We own and operate our own proprietary Comparison Shopping Service linked to Google Merchant Center. As a result, you will benefit from 20% lower CPC on all Google shopping campaigns run through our technology.

Google Shopping optimisation

The perfect combination of data-led performance marketing and expertise with Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping. We use conversion-led bid strategies to maximise revenues and order volumes, while driving higher ROI and maintaining ROAS targets.

Higher returns with CSS & AI

Our comparison shopping service delivers clicks at 20% lower CPCs, and Unyte, our AI tool for cross-platform campaign management, works with Google’s intelligent bid management options to optimise campaigns for the best ROI or ROAS targets across platforms.

Our Google Shopping solutions for retail include:
  • Access to our proprietary CSS
  • Smart Shopping
  • Merchant Center
  • Product feed optimisation
  • Shopping campaigns with partners
  • Manufacturer Center
  • Local inventory ads
  • Product Coach

AccuraCast run Google Product Listing and AdWords campaigns for us, and they reliably turn in a profit where others could not.

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Our Clients

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Why we’re leaders in Google Shopping

We provide a full Google Ads management service which includes: search, shopping, display, and programmatic campaigns for organisations of all sizes, from multi-national retail brands to local stores.


From product listing ads (PLAs) to our own AI-based audience targeting and comparison shopping srervice, we invest in a range of tools to increase returns for our clients.

Proven track record

We have Shopping success stories backed by solid facts and figures. During the last year, we delivered 8% higher ad click-through rates than competitors, and a 19.2% reduction in cost per acquisition.


We constantly strive to deliver the most innovative solutions by tapping into our unique blend of creativity and data intelligence, which will get you measurable results and greater return on ad spend.

Outstanding support

As Google, Microsoft and Facebook Partners certified specifically for Shopping / Catalogue ads, we’re best placed to support you and achieve outstanding results.