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AdWords Keyword Analysis Tool Diagnoses Quality Score

By October 23, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Inside AdWords, the official Google AdWords blog announced the availability of a new keyword analysis tool yesterday. The new tool builds on information presented in the already available keyword status tool, which told advertisers whether their ads were being served or not.

A magnifying glass icon, located alongside each keyword in the Google AdWords Ad Group detail view under the Keywords tab, allows advertisers to whether the keyword was triggering ads or not. The functionality of this little tool has been expanded to also provide information on the keyword quality score.

AdWords Ad Diagnostics Tool

Quality score indicators for keywords can still be viewed by adding a new column to the Ad Group details view. The same indicator is now also visible, along with the minimum CPC bid for that keyword, when an advertiser passes the mouse over the magnifying glass. Clicking on the “Details and recommendations” link leads to a Keyword Analysis page.

Depending on the ad quality, the Keyword Analysis page will provide instructions to the advertisers to help them improve ROI. Keywords with a “Great” quality score are told to keep up the good work. Keywords with an “OK” quality score are given tips to improve the ad performance.

AdWords OK Quality Score

Keywords whose quality score is “Poor” are given the option to delete the keyword from the analysis page itself.

AdWords Poor Quality Score

The Keyword Analysis page also contains a tab for ad diagnostics, that provides information about whether the keyword is triggering an ad or not, and if not, what the possible causes and remedies are.