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Bing Launches Social Sharing In Beta

By October 9, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Microsoft now recognises the value of the social Web and is trying various means to get people to search on Bing. Rather than trying to displace Google as the go-to search engine they are prompting users to search and then share the information as well as the search query with their friends.

In order to enable social sharing of Bing search queries, Microsoft introduced a feature called ‘Bing and Ping’ last month. The service has now been launched in limited beta, with  a handful of users who signed up for the test on Facebook.

Henceforth, whenever one of the beta testers is signed in and searches for something on Bing (U.S. only) and feels that this information would be of interest to their friends, all they need to do is click one of the links to share it with their friends.

Microsoft Bing and Ping

Users can share via Facebook or Twitter or they can email the search result and a link to the SERP. Surprisingly, they have not included the Windows Live service for this sharing.

The service can be used to share things like news reports, recommendations, local movie times and flight status at present. Microsoft has only just started Beta testing this service, and is looking for feedback from users in order to fine tune and expand the service.

Interestingly, Microsoft made quite a blunder while sending out their invites to users for this service. They listed all the email addresses of people who had signed up for the service in the ‘To:’ field, thereby disclosing everyone’s addresses to all the recipients. They tried to set things right soon after, though, by sending an apology letter admitting the error.