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Facebook Allows Comments Via Email

By January 13, 2010July 30th, 20234 Comments

Facebook has made it possible for users to send in comments or replies to posts via email. They started testing this feature last month, and it has now been launched for general use.

Now, whenever Facebook users receive a notification email regarding a friend’s status update, photo upload, wall post, video etcera the user can send their reply to Facebook via email, without actually having to sign in to their Facebook account.

Facebook has also implemented some special features within this functionality that will enable filtering out all unrelated text, such as the user’s email signature.

This feature will be particularly useful to those who want to check their Facebook status while they are at work, or through their mobile phone, while on the go, as this facility will allow them to do so without signing in to Facebook, thereby bypassing any restrictions set by IT departments.

When the user receives an email notification, he or she just has to click ‘Reply’ and then type a comment at the top of the email received. Clicking ‘Send’ will automatically direct the email to a Facebook service that will add the main email contents as a comment on Facebook.

Visits to Facebook by individual users could fall, as a result, though the added interaction this prompts could keep Facebook atop of user’s minds longer. Advertising could very easily be integrated into email notifications if Facebook wanted.

Users who don’t currently receive email notifications can simply visit their account settings and choose to receive email notifications through the ‘Notifications’ tab.