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We helped Chase Belgrave attract new business online through our digital marketing services.

Chase Belgrave is an independent financial advisor based in Zurich Switzerland, dedicated to financial planning services for expats.

Google search and display campaigns that we created and have managed for the past few years already deliver a steady flow of leads. In order to grow the brand’s reach and attract qualified leads from a whole new audience, we also started advertising on social media a couple of years ago, with a focus on one major network: Facebook.

The results seen from Facebook marketing prove that social media can be used just as effectively as search to drive revenues online from a wider, often new audience.

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Demographic & interest-based targeting

Demographic and interest-based audience targeting are great tools available on Facebook to allow advertisers to reach a wide audience.
However, Chase Belgrave’s target audience is a lot more specific and needed to be precisely targeted. We devised a social media marketing strategy for Chase Belgrave to drive even more leads and revenue for their expat financial services.

Highly successful lead generation

The strategy followed a precise pattern of behavioural targeting combined with interests and demographics to identify expats in each country along with frequent ad creative updates to keep up engagement and avoid audience saturation. The user journey was monitored from lead generation on-platform to on-site messaging with follow-up mechanisms.

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Behavioural targeting

A/B testing on landing pages & CTA

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Increase in leads delivered per quarter

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Volume of qualified leads


Decrease in cost per lead compared to Google Ads

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