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Facebook Dominates US And Worldwide

By July 17, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, announced this week that the site has now overtaken MySpace to become the top social network in the USA.

In May 2009, the two social networks were running neck and neck, but in June Facebook has left MySpace far behind. Facebook registered 77 million unique visitors in the month, up from 70.8 million unique visitors in May.

On the other hand, MySpace, which had 70.25 million unique visitors in May, dropped to 68.4 million unique visitors in June.

The rise of Facebook in the U.S. has been quite steep. In May the popular social network gained 2.8 million unique visitors, while in June the figure was close to 7 million.

By comparison, MySpace lost 700,000 unique visitors in May and a further 4 million unique visitors in June.

Similar trends seem to be replicated on a worldwide scale. In India, for instance, MySpace had 848,000 unique visitors in May while Facebook had 6.4 million unique visitors.

MySpace, which is under a new management, has laid off around two thirds of their international staff in countries where it is not doing too well.

In spite of the steep drop in the number of unique visitors, MySpace still gets a larger number of page views, than Facebook in the U.S. but even that may change soon.

In June MySpace had 32.4 billion page views which is 10% less than what they had in May. In contrast, Facebook had had 21.3 billion page views in June, which is 12% more than they had in May.

On a worldwide scale, MySpace had 38 billion page views compared to 47.4 billion page views a year ago, while Facebook had 44 billion page views in April last year and a whopping 87 billion page views in the same month this year.

Facebook has achieved 250 million members now and is still growing at a great speed. This figure has doubled up from what it was only a year ago.

It looks as though they are all set to continue growing still further, with innovations such as Facebook Connect, which is competing not only to other social networks but also to Twitter and Google Friend Connect.