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Facebook ExchangeFacebook’s latest platform for purchasing and delivering ads is officially out of beta testing! Facebook Exchange (FBX) is a new way of purchasing ads, based on the concept of real time bidding and this means that display advertising space is sold one impression at a time.

FBX uses cookie based targeting, enabling advertisers to use their consumer insight data to more effectively target their desired audiences on the social networking site. The key advantage is that an advertising agency can deliver more timely and relevant messages to their users and this will increase direct response on Facebook, heightening the chances of conversion.

Another appealing aspect of FBX is that it is set to provide advertisers with a greater ROI, as it will generate 4 times the amount of revenue made on other real time bidding platforms. This claim comes from Triggit Inc, who have created software for FBX and other partners have also been quick to predict great ROI and success for the system. AdRoll, who are also working with Facebook on the Exchange, have stated that advertisers who are used to receiving $10 for every $1 spent can expect to receive $16 for ever $1 they spend on the FBX.


Scott Shapiro, who is a product marketing manager at Facebook, believes that the platform will prove to be highly successful, as it enables advertisers to effectively market and re-market to valuable audiences on the social network. He also hinted that those in the retail, travel and financial sectors can expect to benefit from Facebook’s real time bidding offering, which will allow them to deliver more specific and targeted messages to a highly engaged audience.

The release of this information and the excitement that it has caused has finally given a boost to the social network’s ailing share prices and concerning performance on the stock exchange. Facebook’s share price has risen to it’s highest level in over a month, with details of the FBX sparking a 6.2% rise and this saw the share price hit $22, which is it’s highest figure since July 30.