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Facebook has been rolling out an upgraded version of Ad Manager to advertisers over the last month or so, and effective today, the new platform interface will be available to all advertisers.

The new ad manager will provide advertisers with graphs and real-time monitoring of their ad campaigns.

A guide will update advertisers about the new features incorporated in the updated Ad Manager system. In general, the new platform will help advertisers find out how well their ad campaigns are performing based on the number of clicks and connections generated by each ad.

In the past, the focus of the ad platform was on the number of clicks delivered to each ad. Now, the system will focus on the reach and the number of connections made from each ad. Connections, in Facebook advertising terms, is measured as the number of people who ‘Like’ed a page, RSVPed to an event or installed an app within 24 hours of seeing an ad advertising the same.

Advertisers will now also get to see the ‘Frequency’, which will allow them to keep track of the average number of times a particular ad is viewed by users, or in other words how responsive users are to a particular ad.

Another metric that is now being reported is social reach. This measures the number of people who saw an ad along with the names of their friends who have already connected with the ad’s subject. This could be a very important factor as people will be more influenced by the positive opinion of their own friends.

New Facebook Ad Manager interface

The new interface will allow users to view all the ads of a given campaign inline itself instead of having to navigate to a new page every time. This will be a time-saving feature for advertisers and is a very welcome improvement.

In general, it seems that the new Ad Manager will help advertisers to better monitor the success of their ad campaigns, while at the same time saving precious time and helping them to connect better with their target audience.