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Facebook has gradually been worming its way into all aspects of the lives of its users. It now seems that they also want to know what their users ‘want’ or desire.

From the looks of it, Facebook is in the early stages of developing a ‘Want’ button.

For some time now, there has been speculation that Facebook is in the process of developing more buttons. Now Facebook developer Tom Waddington has come across a short tag — ” < fb:wants > “ in the Facebook code which suggests that the social network could be preparing a new plugin which will help users to let their Friends know what they ‘want’.

So far Facebook has refused to confirm or deny the development of such a button. A spokeswoman for Facebook said, “we’re always testing new Platform features, however we have nothing new to announce.”

If this button is actually introduced, it could be a great advantage to marketers and advertisers of Facebook, as they will be able to judge what it is that their users want and thus target the audience accordingly.

This in turn could help Facebook to generate more revenue from advertising, thus making it a ‘Win–Win’ situation for all concerned.

The user can find what he wants, probably at a discounted rate, the advertiser makes more sales and Facebook generates more revenue.