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Find your website’s organic search ranking

By September 16, 2004July 30th, 2023No Comments

Press Release

London, UK, 16 September 2004 – How easy is it for your customers to find you online?

Use AccuraCast’s free online search ranking tool to find out where your website ranks when online users type in search terms relevant to your business in the leading search engines. Find your search engine rank by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser:

How to use the tool:

Simply enter a relevant keyword, your website address, select up to four search engines at a time, select how far you would like to search for your site rank and then click the button saying “Find my search engine rank”. It is really that simple!

Understanding the results:

AccuraCast’s free online search engine ranking tool returns the rank of the website you look-up for the search term you specify. An average online visitor will select a site that ranks within the top 20, or on the first two results pages on a search engine. If your ranking is over 20, chances are, your website is not getting a lot of traffic from that search engine.

In order to get your site ranking higher, you must either optimise your web pages for the target keywords, or be more specific with the keywords you search for. Visit to learn how you can optimise your website for the leading search engines.


The tools site has been moved. This article has been updated to reflect the updated URL.

About AccuraCast:

AccuraCast is an integrated marketing, business intelligence and data analysis agency, providing small and medium sized companies in the UK online, direct mail and email marketing and advertising, website development, search engine optimisation and data analysis services.

For further information please contact:

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Tel: +44 800 019 6813