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ADA Pipeline Supplies

ADA Pipeline Supplies

“Since the start of our search engine marketing campaign, AccuraCast have delivered a consistent flow of relevant, highly targeted traffic to our website. 7-10% of these visitors typically inquire via email and eight times as many have been calling us on the phone. Business has never been this good!!”


The client is a small company producing pipeline supplies for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Their primary customer base is in the UK but they can supply products anywhere in the world if they could get orders internationally.

The client’s webmaster approached AccuraCast to develop a search engine marketing strategy for them. They had previously seen some of the benefits
of marketing via placement on Yahoo! and MSN, and wanted to get more leads from Yahoo! and MSN and also tap into Google.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

3 days from the start of the project, AccuraCast set up an advertising campaign on Google AdWords, targeting the entire english-speaking world.
The main features of this campaign were:

  • Ad groups set up to target the entire product range
  • Ads were carefully worded to ensure only relevant users clicked through
  • Bid values adjusted to provide Top 3 placement on Google

Once a steady stream of leads was established, AccuraCast started optimising the client’s website to achieve high rankings on the leading search engines for the primary keyphrases describing their product lines.

“The idea was to set up a steady stream of leads for our customer so that they can start making some money from their website, and to back it up with search engine optimisation, which takes 3-4 months to be really effective, but would provide a longer-term, lower cost alternative source of leads.”


Number of website visitors97 / week648 / week
Number of incoming leads0.5 / week55 / week
Sales4xTimes more
Average cost per click (CPC)£0.07
Online conversion rate8.56 %
Offline conversion rate48.00 %
Cost / online conversion£0.87