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Google Adds More Online Services For BMW Cars

By September 24, 2010July 30th, 20232 Comments

Google has provided in-vehicle online search services for BMW cars for some time now. They recently renewed their contract, and in the process have added some new features.

The service, known as ConnectedDrive, has allowed BMW car owners to conduct local searches while they are on the move in their cars.

The new services will initially be available in Germany, France Italy, Austria and the U.K. and will be included in every new BMW car which is equipped with a professional navigation system from September 2010.

One of the new features being added is search suggestions. This facility is similar to what is available on desktop computers. When a person types the first few characters of his search query in the search box, he will be provided with suggestions. Only, in this case the suggestions will be based on the current location of the car. This feature will definitely speed up the search, as the user will not be required to spell out lengthy names while he is driving the car. Also a user can conduct the search even if he is not sure of the exact name or spelling of the place he is looking for.

Another interesting feature which is being introduced in the ConnectedDrive service is ‘Pictures at your destination’. As the name suggests, this service provides the user with detailed photographs of the location he is searching for, including satellite images from Street View when available. These pictures will make it easy for the user to identify the place when he actually reaches it even though he may never have been there before.

The search results also provide useful information such as the postal address, telephone number, ratings and reviews, facilities available etc about the place.

Google also continues to try and make new innovations, to add more services to their local search feature, which would prove to be more useful to their users and car drivers.

These added features should benefit BMW, as new car buyers would certainly give some consideration to these features while deciding which brand of car they wish to buy.