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AccuraCast’s online reputation management services nurture your brand on the Internet and protect it from disrepute. We also provide consultation to ensure that when you re-brand, you don’t lose your search rankings and your suppliers and customers can still find you easily online.

We help to protect the online reputation of companies in a range of sectors. For searches on the npower brand, for example, we helped to deflect negative press coverage from authoritative sites such as the BBC, The Guardian and the Daily Mail. Our reputation management strategy for npower has allowed the company to take ownership of the first page of Google organic results for searches on the brand.

Why we’re leaders in online brand management

Expertise – we specialise in online brand management and protecting brands on the search engine results pages.

Experience – almost a decade at the forefront of online reputation management for everyone from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Innovative – we’re known and respected throughout the industry for breakthrough ideas and pioneering thinking.

Professional – we enjoy what we do, we’re creative and forward thinking, but we always take our professionalism seriously.

Comprehensive services – from brand monitoring to online PR, multimedia optimisation and SEO.

Outstanding support – call on our additional support and training services whenever you need them.

Brand building

Brand building on the Internet is a specialist skill, and calls for an in-depth understand of a huge range of issues, from online PR and marketing through to SEO and working with social media. Brand building is an essential factor is bringing traffic into your site, and needs to be carefully thought through. Even if your brand is world famous offline, you still need to build your identity on the Internet to ensure you attract traffic and customers and build loyalties.

Our brand building services develop a strong online presence for your business through a comprehensive range of specialist services. This can include everything from standard SEO through to video and local SEO, mobile SEO, social networks and blog marketing.

Brand protection and reputation management

When you use AccuraCast’s brand protection services, you can rest assured that we are paying attention to everything that is published about your brand, and making sure that only the good PR is delivered to consumers.

It’s vital that you have leading SEO specialists monitoring what is being said about your brand online. Be warned that your competitors can create blogs and other content to spread rumours or malign your brand online. We can monitor, analyse, and react to any threats; and warn you and help take appropriate remedial action.

Rebranding online

If your company is rebranding, then you need a thorough and well-planned strategy for updating your online presence. AccuraCast’s online rebranding services will help you inform your existing clients about the change in brand and direct all traffic to the new site.

Our specialist online rebranding services are ideal for any of the following scenarios:

  • Domain name changes from .co.uk to .com
  • Overall domain name changes
  • Corporate rebranding
  • Product range or individual product rebranding
  • Overseas expansion
  • Physical relocation
  • Server migrations

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As we were in the process of relaunching ourselves under a new brand name, a lot was resting on getting our promotion right. However, with AccuraCast's help and advice we went onto have a really successful recruitment period.

Assim Jemal - St Albans College

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