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Cheeky Wipes Boost Sales Online

Cheeky Wipes Boost Sales Online

Cheeky Wipes Boost Sales Online

Cheeky Wipes is a British brand selling eco-friendly, reusable baby wipes for sensitive skin. Our objective was to expand their customer base, increase sales on the website, and reduce the cost per sale. In the first month of the project we had already garnered them great success, thanks to our innovative campaign set up and management skills.

Marketing Channels:

  • Google Shopping
  • Google Search
  • Facebook


Cheeky Wipes wanted help boosting sales and driving more qualified traffic to their website. We used a multi-channel approach to engage different audiences on different platforms, via the promotion of their monthly special offer.

Two campaigns needed optimising on Google AdWords: Shopping, to increase conversions, and Search, to drive more potential customers to the website.

On Facebook, we provided insights and recommendations to make the page look more appealing, and then set up their advertising campaign. We promoted their monthly offer to very specific, and relevant audiences, with different ad messaging for repeat versus new customers.

We also consulted Cheeky Wipes on scripting and designing a whiteboard animated video – their best performing ad creative so far.


  • Sales jumped by more than 115% in the first month on the Shopping campaign
  • CPA dropped by 40% on the Shopping campaigns
  • Average CPC reduced by 24% on the Search campaign in its first month
  • Search conversions shot up by 660% in the first two months
  • Facebook conversions went up by 486% in just two months
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 74% on Facebook.