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Google-AdMob Deal Gets Federal Approval

By May 25, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recently given the green signal to Google for its planned acquisition of AdMob. Google will pay $750 million for this deal.

AdMob founder and CEO, Omar Hamoui, says, “We are extremely pleased with today’s decision from the Federal Trade Commission to clear Google’s acquisition of AdMob”

The FTC had to seriously consider the impact of this deal on competition. The search leader’s biggest potential competitor, Apple, unwittingly helped Google by announcing plans to start their own mobile ad network.

Google advertising already includes industry-leading platforms including DoubleClick, AdWords, AdSense and Analytics. AdMob adds to Google’s product offering and will solidify their position in the mobile industry, irrespective of Apple’s attempts to break into the mobile ad industry.

Wasting no time over the question of whether or not the deal would be approved, Google has already been developing a number of new mobile ad formats, which were announced during I/O.

One of the new formats will be expandable ads for mobiles. Google will also enable click-to-call ads for mobile content and apps in the next few weeks. Click-to-call ads will work for ads on the mobile content network and on mobile apps. Advertisers can enable them by enabling phone extensions in an AdWords campaign that targets mobile handsets with full Internet browsers. The ads will appear as animated banner text ads with a call button. Advertisers can enable the click-to-call service by first ensure that their campaign is set to show on “All Available Sites”, setting up phone extensions, providing the business phone number and then choosing to show ads on “Mobile devices with full Internet browser”.