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Google AdWords Driving Export Business

By July 23, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google is driving AdWords advertising revenues by exploring some decidedly different markets. Last week we noted that they were offering Google Webmaster Tools users in France 100 € free credit on AdWords. This week they’re emailing small and medium enterprises offering advice on entering the export market.

Research from the UK Trade and Investment government offices has found that despite favourable circumstances only 75,000 businesses in the U.K. are engaged in exporting their products and services.

Chief among the reasons for this low turn out are language and cultural barriers, apart from other factors like administrative restrictions, cross-border logistics etc.

To help businesses overcome these obstacles, Google has tied up with Applied Language Solutions, HSBC, Royal Mail, Institute of Export, U.K. Trade and Investment and, to launch a new comprehensive solution called Export Adviser.

Google Export Adviser

UK-based businesses interested in export can now avail of this service.

The Export Adviser will help novices to start an export business by guiding them through various steps like identifying and evaluating target markets, judging the market demand, creating an English language keyword list, translating that list and forecasting a cost per click for those multilingual keywords.

5 Step Exporting Guide from Google

The opportunity finder tool offers a neat tie-in between three Google tools to translate keywords, mine keyword data and predict demand in the market, as demonstrated by the simple example below, where a search for ‘seo’ brings up a map showing where most opportunities lie among emerging markets, along with suggestions for related keywords and rising keywords in various languages.

Google Export Opportunity Finder

Google Export Adviser’s opportunity finder tool

For those who wish to expand their export business, the Export Box, created in partnership with Applied Language Solutions offers a slightly expensive (considering the target market is SME) solution: For a price of £3,000 users will be provided with the following:

  1. A translated website, built as landing pages for specific search terms
  2. Keywords and Adverts specially researched and designed for the target country in the target language
  3. £1,000 worth of paid advertising on Google AdWords using multilingual PPC, plus a free Google voucher worth £200
  4. A free online shop front and discounts on Gold Supplier membership for to market products to over 8 million international buyers
  5. £1,000 worth of language support
  6. Membership to the Institute of Export and discounted international banking with HSBC.

SMEs that don’t want the full support of this £3,000 package are lured by an alternative £200 AdWords voucher, the details of which can be found from AdWords account managers.

Google Export Adviser website
Screenshot of Google Export Adviser website