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Regular AdWords Ads Now On iPhone And G1

By December 15, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google AdWords has recently started allowing advertisers to display their regular desktop text and image ads on the iPhone, G1, T-mobile and other mobiles with full (HTML) Internet Browsers.

The advertisers will not be required to create special mobile landing pages, or ads in mobile formats as the ads will be pointed to the desktop landing pages, thus saving the advertisers a lot of time effort and money.

These ads will continue to have the advantages of the standard mobile ads. For instance, they will have delivery of mobile specific calls-to-action. In addition, they will reach users who are conducting related mobile searches, which is an activity that is fast gaining in popularity.

Earlier, Google Search was running desktop results pages, which were modified to suit these phones. Now Google has launched results pages, which have been specifically formatted for the iPhone. Hence, it will now be possible for advertisers to create ad campaigns for mobiles only, and these ads will receive separate mobile performance reporting.

The advertisers will have the right to choose, whether they wish to start displaying their ads on mobiles, or continue advertising only on desktop and laptop computers.

In order to start displaying ads on the iPhone, G1 etc, advertisers will have to access their AdWords account where they can go to “campaign settings”. From there they have to go to “Networks and Bidding”, which has the option “Device platform”. Lastly, they select “iPhones and other mobile devices with full internet browsers”.

This will mean that as and when newer mobiles with full internet browsers are released, the ads will be launched on these handsets as well.

For further assistance, advertisers can visit the AdWords Help Center.