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Google Buys DoubleClick For $3.1 Billion

By April 15, 2007July 30th, 20238 Comments

New York-based DoubleClick helps its customers place and track online advertising. The company has been the centre of attention this month as the largest Search Engines in the world, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and AOL have all reportedly voiced an interest or attempted to buy the DoubleClick.

Yesterday, Google trumped its competitors by paying an exorbitant $3.1 billion (£1.6 billion) for DoubleClick, whose revenues in 2006 were just $100 million!

The move catapults Google’s already solid position in the online advertising space to now include dominance of the Internet display advertising market. More importantly, they have successfully cut off Microsoft, once again, from gaining any foothold in the online advertising market.