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Google Has The Best Maps

By October 2, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

According to the results of a survey conducted by analysts, Cowen & Co., which were released on Monday, Google Maps has left its competitors far behind in the race.

Analysts Jim Friedland and Kevin Kopelman report that compared to their earlier study that was conducted in July 2007, the current study shows that Google Maps has progressed considerably, while its competitors, Map Quest by AOL, and Yahoo! Maps have stagnated.

Live Search Maps from Microsoft has shown some improvement in the past year, but their map service still remains the least popular among the top 4 services. Friedland and Kopelman further stated that “Yahoo! and Map Quest do not have the resources to keep pace and are forced to aggressively monetise a declining franchise in the maps segment.”

Apart from having very good maps, Google also has additional features, such as Street View, driving directions, traffic monitoring and public transport directions. But what makes them the winner is simply their dominance as the leading provider of information on the Internet.
The most important rammification of Google’s dominance is the importance map-based data and location-specific information will have in the upcoming mobile Internet market. People on the move will often want to refer to these maps when they are in unknown surroundings. Google Maps will be able to attract advertisers in the near future and hence help companies generate even more revenues. An investment made to improve maps on the Internet today will pay off many times over in the near future.