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Google Image Search Has Now Been Enhanced

By December 30, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

Although Google Image Search is frequently used by people to illustrate their notes, presentations and documents, it is not always easy to find the perfect image. In an attempt to make it easier for their users to find the most appropriate image, Google has recently rolled out some new features.

A software engineer at Google Image Search, Sean O’Malley, says “searching for the perfect image can be challenging if the search results match the meaning of your query, but aren’t in the style that’s useful to you.”

To begin with, they launched “face search”, which as the name implies allows one to find only those images related to the search query, which have faces in them. There are two options available; search with faces, and search without faces.

The next innovation was the introduction of photo search. If a user selects this option, the results will automatically delete all images containing cartoons, drawings etc. and focus only on images with photographic content. The reverse option is also available. i.e. users can opt to delete photographs, and select only cartoons and drawings instead.

The latest enhancement which Google has added, is the choice between clip art and line drawings. which allows users to decide beforehand, which category of results they wish to see.

To select any of these options, the user can click on the “Any Content” option in the blue title bar, of the search results page, or he can select “Content Types” on the Advanced Image Search Page.

These new facilities are very simple and practical ways to help users find what they are looking for without wasting their precious time and are sure to become very popular in a short while.

New Image Search Options on Google