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Google Launches AdSense For Mobile Search

By February 13, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google has started an AdSense for Mobile Search service to lure more mobile network operators and mobile website owners.

In September 2007, Google launched AdSense for Mobile Content, to enable publishers to monetise their sites on the mobile networks, with Google text ads.

With this new service, carriers and mobile site owners will be able to embed a Google search box on their portals or websites, thus allowing users to search Google from within the site.

Revenues generated from these searches will be shared with the mobile operator and website owner. Publishers will be allowed to co-brand the search results page with their own logos and insert links back to their site at the bottom of the mobile search results page.

This service is currently in beta, and testing is available to only a few network operators and website owners. Those interested in this facility can apply for it by filling out this form.

AdSense for Mobile search is aimed squarely at mobile operators and large publishers that have not yet joined forces with Google on mobile. While most larger carriers have already chosen sides – either playing along with Google or Yahoo! or trying to take on the giants by offering their own search service or partnering with search services such as Taptu and Medio, this product caters to smaller networks and those that Google has not deemed important enough to woo individually.