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Google Sidewiki Brings User Comments To All Sites

By September 25, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google has just introduced a new feature to enable all their users to add their own comments or experiences to every website which they visit.

This new feature is a toolbar, which has been christened Sidewiki. With this new toolbar, it will now be possible for all users ranging from an ordinary layperson to an authority on the subject concerned, to put in their own insights to every article on the net. This will help other users to get more information on the given subject.

To further improve the quality of the service, Google has used an algorithm that will allow the most high quality, relevant and appropriate comments to appear at the top of the comments column, and the other comments will come lower down, instead of letting just the latest comments come at the top as is seen with blogs.

Google will also incorporate entries from other relevant posts, blogs and other sources, if they happen to be about the same page that the user has accessed.

This may be Google’s way of staying ahead of the competition, Yahoo1 in particular, which has just launched a new search update feature.

Currently, Google Sidewiki is available on Internet Explorer and also on Mozilla Firefox, and Google is working to make this service available on their own browser, Google Chrome.

Those who wish to use Google Sidewiki can start doing so by going to ‘’, from where they can download the sidewiki toolbar and then add their own comments to the web pages they use by clicking on ‘Write an entry’ after logging into their Google Account. The comments previously entered by others will be displayed in the right hand side column.