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Google To Sell Performics Search Marketing

By April 4, 2008July 30th, 20232 Comments

After receiving regulatory approval of their acquisition of DoubleClick, the policy makers at Google have been trying to reorganize the functioning of the company to achieve maximum productivity, while at the same time offering quality services to their clients.

DoubleClick consists of two parts, an affiliate marketing company and Performics, which provides search engine advertising and search engine optimisation services. These SEO services would concentrate on improving a website’s ranking on Google, which would create a conflict of interest for the search engine.

Google has thus concluded that it would be best to divide the DoubleClick business into 2 parts – affiliate marketing and search marketing. From an objective point of view, they feel it would be best not to get involved in the search engine marketing business and will be selling the Performics search marketing business to another company to avoid any clash of interest.

Read Google’s official announcement about selling Performics

The strategists at Google believe that this way the search provider would be able to remain objective in their search and advertising divisions, which are the mainstay of the company and will help users to retain their faith in the company, thereby letting search operations grow further.

So far Google has received interest from several parties but nothing has been finalized yet, and until that happens the Performics search marketing group will continue to function as a separate division in DoubleClick. The affiliate marketing division will soon be integrated into Google’s own operations thus providing more value-added services to their advertisers and publishers through additional tools and monetization opportunities.

Due to these plans, about 25% of DoubleClick’s workforce in the U.S.A may be laid off or will be offered a transitional job. The implications of these plans for employees in Europe will be finalised in consultation with the employees wherever possible.