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Google TV Ads Online

By March 31, 2009July 30th, 20232 Comments

After having decided to discontinue print and radio ads earlier this year, Google is now considering the possibility of connecting its TV ads to their video site YouTube, in the hope of enticing advertisers to both these platforms.

Michael Steib, Director of TV ads, for Google said, “the company is working on a technology that allows advertisers to buy ads across Google TV which sells on-air commercials, YouTube and video on other websites, through the same interface.”

Presently, Google is trying out this technology called ‘Google TV Ads Online’ with only a small group of selected advertisers.

If things go well the service may be launched in a few months.

Given the current financial situation, Google no doubt hopes that this new service will lure big brands to spend money on both the platforms, by making the process simpler. However, Shishir Mehrotra, YouTube’s Director of Product Management says, “it is also part of Google’s bigger vision of tying together various platforms to make it easier for advertisers to manage and measure their spending across traditional and online media.”

YouTube will however have to use the ads only during longer videos, such as TV shows or movies, as users will not like to watch long ads during short videos. It may also not be appropriate to run certain TV ads along with online videos, and Google will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve optimum results.

At present Google has only signed full length content deals with a few companies like CBS Corp.

Eventually Google may also be able to sell ads on Internet Delivered TV. YouTube is already having such a deal with Apple TV.

In the meantime Google is expected to layoff a further 200 staff members, which means, they probably expect the recession to continue for some time.