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How Soon Will Mobile Search Catch Up With PC?

By June 1, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

When search services were first started on mobile phones, they were very basic, almost rudimentary in nature. However things have changed with emerging technology, and now search patterns on the latest mobile handsets are getting closer to those on PC’s.

In fact a few months ago Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt had even said that “mobile Search revenues will overtake those on the PC within a few years”.

Google hopes that PC and mobile searches will soon become identical, and to facilitate that they have already incorporated some new features into their search engine.

It is now possible for users to conduct searches on PC’s as well as on mobiles with improved search results, which are restricted to specific time periods such as month or year. The page summaries now available are also more detailed than they used to be and the introduction of the Wonder Wheel has further improved the result quality by providing related queries.

It is also possible to coordinate searches across various platforms like mobile phones, notebooks and set top boxes etc. with the availability of better developer tools and user interfaces.

According to a recent study carried out by Google and researchers at Stanford University, searches conducted on the latest smart phones are more akin to searches conducted on PC’s than to those on the older generation of mobile phones. The average length of a smart phone query is now nearly three words, while that on an ordinary phone is only 2.5 words.

According to Google different types of handsets require different search interfaces to operate, and that of the smart phones is now looking similar tot hat of the PC’s and users of smart phones would be able to avail of more personalized features for their search operations.