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Innovative Facebook Campaign Success For Ikea

By December 1, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

The Swedish chain of furniture stores, Ikea, is creating a buzz on Facebook, for all the right reasons.

Ikea came up with an innovative and yet extremely simple way to use the popular social network, Facebook, to promote their new store in the town of Malmo, Sweden.

While using a social network to promote a product or brand is nothing new, the way they have done it is commendable, simply because the idea is so simple and inexpensive.

Forsman and Bodenfors, Ikea’s marketing agency created a profile on Facebook for the manager of the new store, Mr. Gordon Gustavsson, and then they uploaded pictures of several pieces of furniture in the store in his photo album.

Facebook users were then informed that the first person to tag their name to any piece of furniture in any of the pictures could take that article home for free!

The brilliance of this simple campaign lies in its intrinsically viral nature – when someone tags themselves on a photograph, all of their friends see the photograph, and therefore find out about the campaign. These friends then try to find a piece of furniture to tag themselves by going through the other photos in the album.

Certainly not wanting to lose out on a good opportunity, Facebook users started flocking to the profile at a feverish pace, as word of this campaign got around to more and more friends via the profiles page and Facebook news feeds. In fact users have been asking Ikea to upload more and more pictures so they can get some more freebies.

Ikea is, of course, enjoying all the publicity that is being generated for their store as a result of this campaign.