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Ethical children’s footwear manufacturer, Inch Blue, is nestled in the Welsh countryside where their lovely team hand make and pack baby shoes with love and care.

Inch Blue have partnered with AccuraCast since 2018 to help the brand increase online sales of its ethical baby footwear range in the UK initially, and more recently in France and Germany.

AccuraCast helped Inch Blue increase transactions 5.86X and more than doubled return on ad spend.

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Inch Blue Dash cream shoes

Cross-border growth

Capitalising on Google and Meta’s machine learning systems facilitated reaching relevant shoppers based on search intent, demographics and interests in the UK.

AccuraCast analysed campaign and customer data, identified factors that drove success in the UK, and then used this information to scale the campaigns for growth in France and Germany.

Cross-border audience targeting on both Google and Meta was key to achieving rapid scale.

Marketing with data

Accurate data played a pivotal role in the success of the campaigns. Intelligent remarketing campaigns re-convert audiences that had previously purchased the products: if a customer bought shoes for a 1-3 month old, they’d naturally need to buy shoes for a 3-6 month old in three months’ time.

AccuraCast and Inch Blue reached existing customers by importing audiences from their database and reached new customers through interest, demographic, life event targeting, and lookalikes of the best audiences, which were based on existing customers.

Shopping search on Google run through AccuraCast’s CSS delivered outstanding results owing to lowered costs per click and budget optimisation based on real-time sales data.

Inch Blue shopping ads

Campaigns optimised for revenue & profitabiliy

Boosting ethical fashion and local business

Inch Blue British theme


quarter-on-quarter increase in transactions

Inch Blue Instagram ad
Inch Blue Meta ad


increase in quarterly return on ad spend

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