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Microsoft and Facebook Launch

By April 26, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

Facebook and Microsoft’s partnership is delivering new, innovative applications that few expected to see from the collaboration. The largest social network has been working with the software giant to create a service that will allow users to share their documents online. At the F8 conference held by Facebook on the 21st of April, they announced the launch of

The service, which has been created in under 4 months, will allow users to create and share Microsoft Office documents with some or all of their friends on Facebook. The service is currently in the beta testing phase.

Users can either create the documents directly in the app or can even upload the documents from their PC. The new documents will show up in the recipient’s news feeds just like a status update.

In keeping with the basic rules of user privacy, the site allows users to decide whether they want to share a given document with only a few of their friends, with all of their friends or to make the document available to the general public. has been created by Microsoft’s FUSE labs, which was set up specifically to improve social network technology and facilities within Microsoft products.

This may be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Google Docs. One could even argue that by using Facebook, Microsoft may have beat Google to the punch, as Facebook has been far more successful than any of Google’s social networking attempts.

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