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Microsoft Launches Content Ads In The USA

By August 21, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Microsoft have announced that they will make content ads available to all US advertisers on adCenter from August 29.  This will not only dramatically increase advertiser reach but will also open up  high-quality inventory on their premium content pages, which was previously only available to  large advertisers via the MSN ad sales network.

Content ads will be placed on Microsoft network pages, starting with MSN Tech & Gadgets, Money, Real Estate, and Windows Marketplace. Over time, the network will grow to include the rest of MSN, other Microsoft-owned properties, and premium partner sites.

Like Google, Microsoft will automatically enable advertising on the content network for all advertisers on the furst day. Advertisers can then opt out of the programme or change the bid amounts they wish to pay for clicks from the Microsoft content network.

Demographic targetting was a much-touted feature of adCenter when it launched. The introduction of Microsoft Content Ads will allow agencies and companies to realise the power of demographic targeting for the first time on adCenter.