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Mobile Ad Market In Japan Flying High

By June 19, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

The Japanese mobile advertising market is growing extremely quickly. Mobile advertising in Japan is set to cross the billion dollar mark by the end of this year itself.

Japan is of course the world’s most advanced country for mobile marketing, as about 80% of its 100 million mobile users, use mobile data services, and Japan accounts for 40% of the world’s mobile data revenue.

According to a report from Seed Planning, the market which was worth about 81 billion yen, last year, is expected to cross the 100 billion yen ($1 billion) mark, by the end of the year, i.e. a 22% growth in a span of just one year: and if this expansion continues in the same manner, it may even cross 250 billion yen by 2011.

This sudden growth spurt in the mobile advertising market, is inclusive of banner ads, affiliate advertising, paid search and mailing ads.

Affiliate advertising in particular, has crossed the 17.9 billion yen mark, which is a rise of 184% over the previous figures. This will be welcome news to the directory industry, which is of the opinion that affiliate advertising on mobiles is a good way to increase their mobile online business.

Though similar ads are available for desktops and mobiles, they may not be equally successful on both the versions. What works for one need not work for the other. For instance it has been shown that email ads have been more successful on mobiles than on PC’s.

Thus it is necessary for an advertiser to be very watchful, in order to decide which form of advertising will give him the best results on each platform.