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Mobile Advertising Good For Branding Bad For Trust

By October 10, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

A global survey of over 26,000 Internet users spanning 47 markets from Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East has revealed that Internet users trust recommendations from other consumers the most and text ads on mobile phones least of all.

The good news is that a separate survey of over 500 male consumers aged 18-35 years carried out over a period of 4 weeks found that brand awareness can be increased over 30 per cent through banner ads on mobile web portals.

Nielsen’s global survey found that the vast majority of consumers trusted recommendations from other consumers most all. This was followed by trust in newspaper advertising, consumer opinions posted online, brand websites and television. Text ads on mobile phones were trusted by only 18 per cent of users, ranking it lowest, below online banner ads and search engine ads.

To What Extent Consumers Trust Forms of Advertising

To What Extent Consumers Trust Forms of Advertising
Source: The Nielsen Company

Press Release for Nielsen’s Global Ad Survey

Millward Brown and Aerodeon conducted the brand awareness survey in August. Conducted using mobile phone survey technology, the research measured how much ad awareness and brand consideration was generated for a global male grooming brand by a banner ad creative, produced by Aerodeon, on a UK mobile web portal.

Aerodeon’s research showed that branded ad awareness increased by more than 30 percent. Future purchase consideration also increased by 23 percent among users of the brand and 11% among non users.

While this is a mixed bag of news, one thing is clear: Mobile advertising is currently enjoying a honeymoon period where users are responding to ads at a much higher rate than they do on other media (compare 30% to 7% for regular Internet ads). For advertisers, this means that now might be the best time to start building mobile sites and advertising mobile content.